• High-speed centrifuge
  • DHP-15K
  • Maximum capacity 2ml/1.5mlx12, speed range 500~15000rpm (increment: 1rpm).
  • DHP-15K
  • High-speed centrifuge
  • Maximum capacity 2ml/1.5mlx12, speed range 500~15000rpm (increment: 1rpm).
Adopting a one-piece metal casing significantly improves the safety of the instrument and greatly reduces the operating noise.
Product Features
• Equipped with holographic display and full-screen touch, easy to operate with clear display.
• Adopt one-piece metal casing to greatly improve the safety of the instrument and reduce the operating noise.
• Visually indicate the speed setting.
• Maximize the reduction of rotor temperature and centrifugal heat to protect temperature-sensitive samples.
• The acceleration time to reach the maximum speed and deceleration time to reach the minimum speed is about 15 seconds. The brushless motor drives quickly and easily accelerates to the set speed with high speed and low noise.
• Real-time monitoring of x, y, and z-axis acceleration during operation to determine whether the rotor is stable, and the rotor has high fault tolerance.
• When the operation is complete, the cover opens automatically, and real-time monitoring of the door lock ensures safe operation.

Technical Specifications  
Model: DHP-15K
Maximum Capacity: 2ml/1.5mlx12
Speed Range: 500~15000rpm (Step: 1rpm)
Maximum Relative Centrifugal Force: 15000xg
Timing Range: 20s~99min59s
Time to Reach Maximum Speed: Approximately 15s
Time to Decelerate from Maximum Speed: Approximately 15s
Drive Motor: Brushless motor
Safety features: Door lock, overspeed, over-temperature, status diagnostic system
Other functions: Speed/centrifugal force conversion, jog operation, running status display, sound prompt
Input power: AC220-230V/AC110-120V,50/60Hz
Power: 105W
Dimensions: 255x194x140mm
Weight: 3.5kg
Product List
DHP-15K Unit
Host Machine Unit
Power cord piece
User manual copy
Warranty card copy
Certificate of qualification copy