• Ultrasonic vibrating screen
  • DHSF-U1
  • DHSF-U1
  • Ultrasonic vibrating screen
  • Sieve specification: 20-1000 mesh, output frequency: 30KHz-40KHz.
DH series ultrasonic fine vibration screen is a high-precision and high-stability ultrasonic vibration screening machine developed by Ningbo Everses, which introduced German technology.
Product Introduction
DH series ultrasonic fine vibration screen is a high-precision and high-stability ultrasonic vibration screening machine developed by Ningbo Luoshang with German technology. It uses the intelligent ultrasonic controller designed by Professor Cui of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and is assembled with imported original components that are finely tuned and combined, changing the non-adaptability and non-adjustability brought about by a single frequency, and truly achieving the organic combination of CNC and vibration screening. Its performance level reaches and surpasses that of international similar products, completely surpassing domestic products!
DH series ultrasonic fine vibration screen solves the screening difficulties of strong adhesion, easy agglomeration, high static electricity, high fineness, high density, and low bulk density, and has outstanding performance! It achieves a great breakthrough in performance.
Screening accuracy of the DH series ultrasonic fine vibration screen can be improved by 1-100%, and the output can be increased by 1-20 times. It truly meets the industrial production needs above 600 mesh!
Ultrasonic fine vibration screening instrument can be widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, chemical industry, mineral processing, and food.

Working principle
Ultrasonic fine vibration screen consists of an ultrasonic generator, transducer, resonance ring, resonant screen frame, and vibration platform. For better performance, please use it with matching equipment and do not mix it with other ultrasonic devices.
High-frequency electrical signal generated by the ultrasonic generator is converted into a high-frequency sinusoidal longitudinal oscillation wave by the transducer. These oscillation waves are transmitted to the resonance ring to make it resonate. The resonance ring then uniformly conducts the high-frequency vibration to the entire screen surface. While the material is vibrating at low frequency on the screen, a high-frequency ultrasonic vibration is superimposed to solve the problem of material blockage and improve the screening accuracy and efficiency.

Application Scope
| Separation, classification, determination of particle size
| Suitable for dry or wet screening of any freely flowing dispersed material; grading of solid particles
| Agriculture, soil, coal, synthetic materials, chemicals, geology, metallurgy, building materials, environment, resources, glass, ceramics, biology, etc.
| Laboratories in industries such as pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, chemicals, mining, and food

Table of Common Particle Size Mesh and Micrometer Comparison  
Mesh Number Micrometer
20 850
25 710
30 600
35 500
40 425
45 355
50 300
60 250
70 212
80 180
100 150
120 125
140 106
170 90
200 75
230 63
270 53
325 45
400 38
450 32
500 25
635 20

Technical Parameters  
Model: DHSF-U1
Output Frequency: 30KHz~40KHz
Sieving Machine Power: 120W
Ultrasonic Power: 30-150W
Sieving Machine Rotation Speed: 1440r/min
Sieve Specification: 20~1000 mesh
Sieve Diameter: 200mm
Sieve Layer: 1-7 layers (customized according to customer's requirements)
Total Weight: 30kg
Dimensions: 330*390*760mm
Operating Temperature: -15℃~65℃
Input Current: 0.1A~0.3A
Input Voltage: 220±10% 50~60Hz

1. Characteristics of the tested materials. It is usually used to test powdery and granular materials with good fluidity. If the material has certain stickiness, agglomeration, or adsorption, please specify when selecting the appropriate model.
2. The feeding amount is generally within 300g to avoid affecting the screening accuracy due to excessive material.
3. The feeding particle size is generally between 0.038-3mm.

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Product List
DHSF-U1 Unit
Host Machine Unit
Sieve frame (customized according to customer sele layer
Power cord piece
User manual copy
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